Sunday, June 22, 2008

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture (PeAA) and .NET Framework

PowerPoint presentation is now available for download  - PeAA – Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture.ppt

.NET 2.0+ typed DataSet is a combination of Table Module, Unit of Work, Table Data Gateway and Metadata Mapping design patterns.

If you are an architect that is somewhat familiar with .NET technologies - you should know just what I mean.

If you don't - you are in for a treat.

Rush over to Amazon and buy the 'Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture' (by Martin Fowler) book. This book provides proven patterns for use when building an enterprise application.

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

This book is so important for architects because it provides vocabulary about design. While reading this book you will find that you are already familiar with most of the ideas described by its patterns - your gain is that now you know there name.

Why we so desperately need this vocabulary so we should spend our money and time reading about something we already know?

Think about it,

Java developer that knows nothing about .NET can read the first sentence of this post and immediately understand what is typed DateSet in the .NET world!

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